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Margosa produces high-resolution hydrographic and hydrological data and maps. We have developed a data-driven hydrological solution based on proprietary algorithms operating in a machine learning framework.

With integrated remote-sensing, these analytics enable freshwater discharge forecasts and the analysis of long-term trends. Our scientifically peer-reviewed modelling approach integrates satellite information, digital elevation models, environmental predictors and gauge station data to yield superior yet cost-effective water quantity and quality analytics worldwide.

Built entirely on open source technologies, Margosa’s turnkey analytics are a high-accuracy alternative to conventional hydrological surveys and satellite-derived products. They allow continental to district-scale area studies to be conducted in very fine detail.

Hydrological applications include:

  • Flood, drought & erosion risk
  • Water quality assessments
  • Public health, e.g. vector-borne disease modelling
  • Agrochemical nutrient & greenhouse gas dynamics
  • Ecological management
  • Transboundary issues and others


  • Predictive vector-borne disease modelling with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.