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Water Resource Management

Remote assessments and forecasts of freshwater and soil resources

Public Health

Vector-borne disease monitoring and mitigation

Catastrophe Risk Management

Flood and drought forecasting and impact assessments


Habitat suitability modelling and biodiversity mapping

Transnational Challenges

Dynamic mapping of environmental resources, terrain and other variables

Agriculture & Forestry

Soil quality, crop suitability and analytics

We empower our customers with actionable analytics and forecasts that surpass conventional earth observation solutions.

Margosa is working with government agencies, leading global non-profit organisations and the private sector in tackling the most pressing challenges affecting human welfare, environmental sustainability and natural resources. We are delivering advanced geoinformatics that harnesses the power of machine learning and big data with cutting-edge Open Source programming technologies.

Operational in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Africa, India and the USA, we have an ever-increasing footprint as we respond to needs across the globe.


Extract high-precision features not obtainable through conventional earth observation, e.g.

Basin delineation

Small & large stream networks (& various stream features)

Volumetric flow rate

Water quality & nutrient concentration

Soil erosion

Sub-surface soil characteristics

Other hydro-geomorphology




Web GIS interface for stream network and watershed analysis: Cost-effective; on-demand; any location worldwide

Surface water discharge and quality analytics at high spatio-temporal resolutions: Historical, real-time and future

Comprehensive hydrogeomorphology: Discharge; stream width, depth & roughness; sediment flow, etc

Capture unseen / inaccurately estimated variables for freshwater quantity & quality

Machine learning integration of environmental big data and GIS technologies

Automated data harmonisation worldwide

Scalable & customisable platform built entirely with open source languages




TIB AV-Portal


A new high-resolution global hydrographic dataset

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Interview: Giuseppe Amatulli

Summer School 2020

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Our Team and Mission

The Margosa team’s core expertise comprises geo-computation, hydrology, environmental engineering, mathematics and finance.
Each of us has over 20 years of commercial and academic experience in our respective fields that span geoinformatics, water and waste management, renewable energy, forestry and chemical engineering.

  • Margosa develops pioneering geodata solutions using advanced open source technologies and machine learning frameworks, which enable the integration of massive environmental and GIS datasets.
    We offer cost-effective, scalable and secure global data analytics platforms for government, multilateral, corporate, educational and not-for-profit institutions.
  • Our mission is to transform complex natural resource information into practical knowledge for decision makers and stakeholders alike.

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